Plastic, Cosmetic and
Hair Transplant Surgeon

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Plastic, Cosmetic and
Hair Transplant Surgeon

+91 94488 69425

Plastic, Cosmetic and
Hair Transplant Surgeon

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can be done to stop any further hair loss?

    The following simple measures can make a big difference:

    1. Identify additional causes of Hair Loss, whether local or general, and correct them where possible. Improving the quality of hair in the donor area may need the HT procedure to be postponed by a few months
    2. Use medications such as Finasteride tablets and Minoxidil lotion
    3. Correct nutritional deficiency by taking a 3-6 month course of Multi Vitamins and Minerals
    4. Have a healthy lifestyle with balanced diet
    5. Smoking has to be stopped and alcohol needs to be strictly curtailed

    Needless to say, all these measures need the active involvement of a Doctor with the right expertise.

  • Which technique is better, FUE or FUT?

    Both the procedure have their own unique benefits. Any debate that tries to oversimplify matters by putting one technique as universally better than the other is doing more harm than good. It is for the HT Surgeon to decide what is best for the given patient, at that point of time.
    Generalization will not matter in a given case in this matter. Both have their unique benefits. What meets your needs best needs to be evaluated and decided. If both the procedures can help in ca given case, a choice can then be made.

  • Doc, I need 3500 hair to correct my hair loss – when shall we do the procedure?

    Reconstructive & Plastic Surgery, as the specialty is correctly called, involves use of certain fundamental principles that include sound planning, delicate technique, gentle tissue handling and giving predictable results. The change in condition of a person following a Plastic Surgery procedure is evident to the naked eye of a even a layman; this places an enormous responsibility on the Plastic Surgeon to achieve perfection as even minor shortcomings are very obviously seen.

    1. Will 3500 grafts be enough? Is it the present requirement OR the final requirement keeping future hair loss in mind?
    2. Will the donor area shrink with passing years? If yes, what is the true donor area?
    3. What is the quality of the donor hair?How severe is the miniaturization?
    4. Explaining the difference in 3500 hair and 3500 grafts is best done in person
  • How long will it take to see the growth of the transplanted hair?

    Can be seen in few days with FUE, may take slightly more days with FUT. In either case, 3 months’ time is needed before deciding that a particular graft is not growing. This means it has not survived following the transplant for some reason.

  • How early can I see the results of the transplant, after the hair has grown?

    It takes about 6-9 months to see the benefit following the transplant.

  • Will I have a 100% success rate with Hair transplant?

    Usually, more than 95% of the transplanted grafts will survive. Once the graft survives and grows, the result will depend on the quality of hair that grows in the transplanted graft.

  • How close can two sessions be done? What is the ideal time gap between two procedures?

    Once a session of HT is done, it better to wait 6-9 months before planning another session. This time is required to:

    1. See the results of the initial procedure and make the overall restoration plan
    2. See the rate of ongoing loss and estimate the final loss better
  • Doc, how dense can you make my hair after the transplant?

    This depends on a few issues beyond the control of anyone, neither Patient nor Surgeon – such as:

    1. Potential donor area and available donor area
    2. Quality of donor hair
    3. Percentage of multi-hair follicular units in the donor area

    Putting too many grafts close together will increase the risk of survival for all the grafts, as they will compete with each other for the nutrition. It is better to repeat a session of HT after few months, if possible.

  • Can my hair be restored to what it was before the hair loss began?

    This may not be possible, neither is it recommended.

    1. If donor grafts are limited in either quality or quantity, trying to achieve this can cause an unnatural pattern of hair loss, despite the initial HT procedure being successful
    2. It may not match with the ‘look’ of the rest of the face, few years down the line

    Both of these are examples of poor planning, despite the HT procedure being successful.

    Only in certain patterns of hair loss, such as pure Crown loss, this may be possible.

  • What is Combo Hair Transplant?

    This involves use of artificial means in addition to the natural technique of Hair transplant, to cover the area of Hair loss. This includes measures such as:

    1. Hair Restoration Systems
    2. Hair Fibers
    3. Camouflage

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